1. ____ Consignor will receive 30% of the selling price after the item is sold. Any item priced over $200 will receive 50% of the selling price after the item is sold. This contract is for 60 days.
  2. ____ We do run periodic sales, coupons & markdowns. By signing this contract, you agree to have your items included in any sale we decide to run. At 30 days your item will be automatically marked down 25% off.
  3. ____ You’ll be sent an email with an inventory of your items & what we priced them at, this is the price of the item, NOT the commission amount you will receive. If you do not like the price we assign an item, you may call the store within 24 hours of receiving the email to request the item to be pulled at a fee of $1.00 per item.
  4. ____ There will be a $20 fee plus $1 per item to break the contract early.
  5. ____ It is your responsibility to keep track of your pickup date for unsold items, we will not call you. (Your pickup date is on the email we sent you & in your consignor account online.) You may pick up unsold items 7 days before your contracted pick-up date & up to 7 days after. On day 68 all items left will become store property, no exceptions will be made.
  6. ____ You may pick up unsold items yourself free of charge within the 15-day window (see #5 above) of your contracted pickup date. You do not need to call; you may come in during regular business hours but must be completely done pulling all items 1 hour before the close of business.
  7. ____ Any unsold items you would like us to pull will be at a fee of $1 per item, paid in advance over the phone or in person. These items will be available within 1 business day & will only be held for 7 days. After that, they will become store property & no refund will be given. This is the option to use if you will be out of town or are unable to come in for any reason during your 15-day pick-up window.
  8. ____ Payments are not done automatically. Payments are in the form of check, cash, or store credit. Payments under $20 can be paid in cash in the store at no additional fee, without notice.
  9. ____ Checks must be written for any amount over $20, there is a fee of $1.00 per check. Requests for checks must be made in advance & are usually written within 3 business days. To check your balance & see if a check has been written log into your consigner account. (See #11 below) Checks are valid for 180 days.
  10. ____ You may use the money in your account as store credit at any time with no additional fee & receive a 10% store match. Money stays in your account for 2 years, after that your account balance will be purged. We will not check your balance for you. (See #11 below)
  11. ____ Consignor Login – go to - Then go to: Consignor Login. Your email is both your username & password the 1st time you login. Once entered you will need to validate your account & follow set up instructions. If help is needed, please call the store, or come in & we will be glad to help you. This is where you will see your account balance & what items have sold. We will not check this for you over the phone or in the store, you must be willing to use your online consignor account to consign here.
  12. ____ Worth The Wait is not responsible for the loss of any item due to theft, fire, flood, etc. Careful observance, 24-hour video surveillance, security tags & signage are used to prevent shoplifting, but it does occur. If a damaged item is found, you will have 7 days to pick up the item before it is donated. We will NOT pay for unsold, stolen/missing, or damaged items for any reason.
  13. ____ A buyer’s fee is added to the final price of each item to help cover administrative costs. This fee is NOT included in your commission, nor are you responsible for paying it.
  14. ____ Layaways: We do offer a layaway program to our customers. If your item is placed on layaway, you will be paid if/when the layaway is completed. Sometimes layaways are not completed, in which case your item will be returned to you as soon as the layaway is canceled.
   15. ____Payments in any form & the return of unsold items will ONLY be released to the person on this contract & only with a valid government issued ID in hand that shows your name & address. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Your full name & address on your ID MUST match what is on this contract or you forfeit your money & items.