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Consignor will receive 40% of the selling price after item is sold. For high-end designer items, 50/50 split may be discussed.

Agreement is for 60 days. We do have a discount scale after 30 days as well as periodic sales, coupons, Facebook and Instagram discounts and other markdowns to generate more sales activity for you!

There will be a $10 fee for early pick-up prior to 2 weeks before the agreement expires. We are always happy to discuss special needs.

It is the sole responsibility of the consignor to keep up with the expiration date of the contract. Consignor will have one week from expiration date to pick up unsold items. After one week, items become property of the store to be sold or donated.

We will only pull items that are $20.00 and over. Items are only pulled on Monday. Consignor must call the Friday prior to picking up their items and check. If items are not picked up one week after being pulled, they will be become the property of the store to be donated or sold.

We will gladly keep any money owed to you on our books for 2 years. After that time your account balance will be purged.

Payment may be requested for your items after the 60 day agreement period is over. Payment may be in form of check, cash or store credit. A check may be picked up from the store if the amount is over $20. Under $20 will be paid in cash in the store. This is not done automatically.

You may use the money on your account as credit for in-store purchases at any time. If you would like to use your money as store credit, you will receive a 10% store match.


You will be sent an email with a link and instructions on how to login to your account. Your email address is your login and password. Once you login the first time, you may change your password. When an item sells, you will see the sold item and your net amount to be paid. When you have been paid for the item, the item falls out of consignor login. If you have any questions, please contact the store. You may also find the link to the Consignor Login on our website,

Store is not responsible for loss of any item due to theft, fire, etc. Careful observance, 24 hour video surveillance, and signage are used to prevent shoplifting, but it does occur. We will not pay for unsold items, but we will offer consignor a tax credit.


A buyer’s fee, to help cover administrative costs, will be added to the final price at the store’s discretion. This is a fee that is passed onto the buyer when the item is purchased. This is not part of the consignor split.


Select items will be sold via our website. We offer a return policy of 7 days on our website. If your item sells, your money will be distributed 14 days from the date of the sale.


Fur coats will be kept for the entire winter season. Consignor will not be held to the 60 day contract period, in order to give seller the best window of opportunity to sell the item. It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up coat at season’s end if not sold. If unsold coat is not picked up it will be donated at season’s end. Furs are subject to periodic sales.